Imminently Available For Contract Offers – Aiming For Early September Start

With approximately 6 weeks to go until the official contract end date, I’m treading the waters to see what else is about and am therefore open to suitable contract/consultancy offers.  I’m not saying there isn’t an extension on offer or not, but I don’t want to rely on being ‘officially’ offered it or choosing not to accept it in a couple of weeks and have less time to find something else.  With two separate weeks out of that six on holiday or at a conference, it doesn’t leave much time and I’d hope to have something in place for a mid Sept. start.

My current contract has been a positive experience and amongst a small but friendly team of engineers.  The opportunity to influence the technical design of the intended solution and the virtually sole responsibility for building out the VMware & storage solution has been great.  It is what I enjoy doing, although the vendor’s used is not really my cup of team, and I’ve made leaps and bounds with PowerShell/PowerCLI for almost complete automation of a vCenter/ESXi host build using CSV files.  I’ve been working with a colleague who joined from HP in the Windows domain and services build, putting together the first domain controller, deploying WSUS, DNS/DHCP, file servers, BitLocker MBAM, a PXE boot service to support ESXi builds, RSA services to name but a few and coupled with more Cisco switch exposure has given me a chance to develop the same technologies I’m used to, but in a different way or with more hands-on.  What is lacking is a VMware Horizon View/Mirage/FLEX type environment and I really miss this since I was developing a really high-tech strategy for a previous employer and never got to finish what would have been a highly mobile, flexible and secure environment delivering all levels of virtual desktop and application capabilities (high perf. CAD down to standard worker machines, across to iPad’s and BYOD).  I think the lack of BAU support and production maintenance activities is something else I miss to a certain extent, although only as a small percentage of the working day.  There has been an element of security minded activities during development and build, to support the IL2/3 production environments being put together, but perhaps not as significant or important as I’m used to/desire.

Location wise, despite hating London 15 years ago and lasting a mere 6 weeks or so, I’m pleasantly surprised to actually be accustomed to the commute and am in what I feel is a nice location, the Bank area, although closer to the Monument.  It’s a busy but short tube journey (or great walk on a good day along the South Bank) and short walks from the stations, with an all important Costa coffee for the morning and afternoon fix.  I’d rather travel to London from Milford than across towards Reading and beyond or southwards, but I’d prefer to stay close to the Bank, London Bridge or Westminster areas.

So, to summarise, I’m looking for a senior role as an engineer/consultant/lead or even head/manager within a medium to large infrastructure environment using VMware vSphere.  Ideally VMware VDI would co-exist and there’ll be more enterprise class technology such as HP/EMC.  I’d prefer to be involved in design, develop, build and maintenance with some BAU work to offer variety and an acceptable level of pressure.  Although experienced in Windows and Linux I’d favour an environment tilted heavily towards Windows with a reduced Linux presence.  Not experienced with more in-depth network routing protocols, I’m comfortable managing networking and perimeter security devices, Firewalls, proxies, UTM (ideally FortiGate but small exposure to Juniper).  This role would ideally be based in or very close to Guildford, or within easy reach from Waterloo station, I.e. the Bank/London Bridge/Westminster areas.

My LinkedIn profile offers more detail of my skills/experience, with daily rate requirements exposed on request.

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