Planned Training Path

Well, still struggling to get a contract and getting frustrated with agencies at present.  Very few actually call you when you’ve applied and some never get back to you when your CV has been submitted to the client!  I need the feedback to establish why I’m being rejected!  I believe I have a strong enough experience/skill set so maybe I’m too good for the roles I apply for….maybe I don’t have the right experience/skill set!  Either way it’ll be nice to know so I can tailor my CV to suite.

Once I get some contract money coming in through my Ltd company I’ve got a plan for personal training.  To start with, I need to update my VCP and sadly I’ve slacked in revising for the exam due next week because I’m getting a bit down in the dumps for struggling to find work despite trying for at least 6 weeks.  Once my VCP is secured, I was planning on the following:

  • CCNA
  • MCSA Windows Server 2012
  • MCA SQL Server
  • VCP-DT
  • Prince 2
  • ITIL Foundation

I hope that by working on these and passing exams I’ll have a proven record of understanding in all the areas.  Currently I’m going on hands-on experience which, as a recruiter in my time at SSTL, I felt was far more valuable than a piece of paper.  However, the certificate does prove one to be capable of absorbing information and extracting it correctly in a formal examination environment, a personal capability rather than defined technical ability.

I’ve fingers in so many pies at the moment, surely one has to be ready for eating!  I just can’t believe that my CV is not getting me interviews all the time based on the feedback I get about it!

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  1. Ironically, a contract offer materialised shortly after I approved this post so things have immediately turned positive. There are a few other interesting contracts I want to chase prior to accepting.

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