The Journey Begins Whilst Home Lab Expands

Day one of the VMworld 2015 adventure and I’m sitting in London Heathrow waiting fo Virgin Atlantic flight VS019.  With an 11 hour flight ahead of me I’m looking forward to arriving in San Francisco and what I hope will be a great week. The only items on the shopping list from home are Jellybeans and Chocolate from our favourite Chocolate Heaven store on Pier 39.

While I’m away, another server will be arriving at my office to expand the lab environment.  A refurbished DL380 G6 with dual socket 4-core CPU, 72Gb RAM and approx. 1Tb local storage will be used purely as my VDI environment, hosting the virtual desktops and associated Horizon View servers, it will compliment the Mirage/FLEX services to allow serious experimentation and demonstrations to new clients.  I will be looking to build out VDI using Windows 10 with full remote access, complimented by the Google Authenticator 2FA service to really enhance security.  Apparantly, RSA will issue a 50 token demo pack free of charge, but there is a 3 month timout on that!  I’ll stick with something free and longterm, even if it is a bit more complicted to set-up.

To support remote access, I’m moving my domain registration from 1and1 to GoDaddy where I’ve purchased the PremiumDNS package and will relocate this website to, utilising SSL certs in the process.  The transfer is under way at the moment so I’m expecting to disappear soon after arriving in the USA so I’ll probably have some work to do whilst I’m out there.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post a daily update!

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