Virtual Earthrunner IT Ltd is Born

Having secured a contract and now just seeking closure on all ‘open’ opportunities, a Ltd company is needed to progress.  Having picked the name ‘Virtual Earthrunner IT’ a few weeks back it was an easy task of completing the accountancy application forms where the company will be set-up in the process.  I already have a logo design and business cards set-up so once a bank account is in place (also set-up by the accountants) I’ll be acquiring these low cost extras.  I’ve opted to start life as a Ltd company owner using Nixon Williams as my accountants.  They seem to offer a good service for £95+VAT per month and I’ve opted to use their address as the main company address (as advised by several website on the subject), at an additional cost of £5+VAT.  There is no contractual tie-in so I’m free to switch accounts at a later date if necessary but I’m going to leave things as they are until I get settled and get my head around it all.

Here’s hoping for a long and prosperous career as a business owner and contractor/consultant.

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