I’m Back!!!

Things have been quiet here for a few weeks now but that doesn’t mean to say nothing has been happening!  I’ve been amending my PowerShell scripts as I use them, spot errors, oversights or modify to add new capabilities and would like to post the updated stuff at some point.  I’ve extended it to cover Linux deployment/customization.

One other activity I’ve been spending some time with is building a VMware Horizon Mirage & FLEX environment in my lab.  I had some trouble getting certificate services working properly but I’ve now got everything in place for an internal deployment/management of Mirage supported FLEX delivered Windows 8.1 VM’s.  I’ve deployed a Mirage Gateway Server but not done anything about getting it working as I’m now in the process of switching ISP’s to get hold of a static IP address to improve remote access to my lab.  This is coupled with an imminent office relocation in my house where it moves downstairs and will be next to the garage where my lab server/switch will be homed (lovely and cool in there).  I’m going to be running in some structured cabling to support my full network needs which is hampering my lab development to some extent.

Once complete, I’ll be able to properly segment my network and get the DMZ, vMotion, StorageLAN, LabLAN, HomeLAN networks I need to have things nicely set up.  I’ll also get some desk-space back, a quieter office and a slightly cooler one (temperature that is, not the slang-term for an awesome room!).

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