New Lab Setup

Well, I’ve had the Qnap TS-670 for just about a week now and it has certainly improved things.  I had to rebuild my nest ESXi hosts for some reason because they weren’t able to provision 2012R2 servers, even after starting with a fresh vCenter but that didn’t take long.  I’ve now got the extra NIC card in the TS-670 (4 NICs total) with 1 for mgmt, 2 for iSCSI and one for NAS storage access.  I’ve beefed up the DL380G6 server by doubling the RAM to 64Gb and adding a quad 1Gb NIC card to give 8 NICs overall.  This is now permitting an iSCSI multi-pathing set-up and additional networks to really start playing with things, including hands-on with Cisco IOS!  The aim, to have the following networks routed to the primary LAN where the ADSL router sits:

  • Router LAN
  • Home device LAN
  • Lab LAN
  • iSCSI LAN (not routed)
  • IPStorage LAN (not routed)
  • vMotion LAN (not routed)

I’ve got some network cabling to install at some point because I’m not able to properly set-up IP routing on the Cisco and am moving my study/office/junk room! elsewhere in the house.  I’ll be running a small number of Cat-6 cables from wall sockets to an RJ-45 patch panel and then into the switch.

Since getting the new-lab in place, I’ve been really working on the PowerShell scripts I’ve blogged about previously as the new lab really speeds t hings up, and will be posting another blog on that after this one.

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