VCP5-DCV (vSphere 5.5)

Having discovered my VCP3 expires completely next March (2015), I thought I’d better do something to upgrade to the latest equivalent.  Giving myself about 4 weeks to study having booked the 50% discounted exam during VMworld USA, I realised how much there was to take in and 4 weeks simply wasn’t enough.  Consequently I failed the exam with a score of 280 needing the 300 to pass.  So, despite using 5.5 every day at work with high levels of exposure to the full vSphere suite of components I have decided to build my own home lab and work through the VMware Press study guide.  Previously I used the Sybex version but decided to switch so I got a different view point and possibly different means of delivering the content.  I also got a good discount at VMworld!

I’ve now booked my retake for the 28 November and bought a refurbished server from Ebay to begin a hands-on home study.  I picked up a DL380 G6 with twin E5540 Xeon’s and a couple of SAS drives with 8Gb RAM for £350.  Having some old SAS disks lying around at work, destined for the shredder and some smaller RAM sticks from the G6 memory upgrades at work, I should be able to boost this to around 32Gb and include 4-6 146Gb SAS disks.  My lab plan will be detailed in a following post once the hardware arrives on Monday 29 September.

Should I fail again I’ll be booking in before the year is out to capitalise on the current 25% discount and then go again asap to ensure I pass before 10 March 2015!!  Fingers, toes, arms and legs all crossed.

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