VMworld 2015

All booked up for another VMworld in San Francisco this year and really looking forward to it.  The first conference where I’m paying for myself, representing myself and the objectives of being there are purely for personal interest and personal business benefit rather than that of a business that didn’t really see a single benefit in what I was delivering with VMware.  I’ll be meeting up with ex-colleagues from ‘that’ business, sharing the same hotel and return flight, so it’ll be a good week.  I’m hoping to use Virgin Flight Club points to upgrade my outgoing flight to Upper Class!  As a regular now to these US VMworlds (6th time this year) I was still amazed to see a lot of sessions full within a few hours of the content catalog going live, but as a ‘veteran’ am used to these fully booked sessions not being full on the day so hanging around outside the room is worth it if there are no other sessions of value at that same time!

In honesty, there wasn’t much that really caught my eye on the schedule outside of the already full sessions sadly, but I did make sure I was on the PowerCLI sessions as they are always offering valuable snippets of information and because I’m a recent follower of the PowerCLI cult.  With a keen interest in Horizon, Mirage and FLEX, I’ve tried to get on some of these sessions where schedules permit, but as usual, there are often situations where suitable sessions overlap and are not available at other times.  I’ll be keeping an eye to see if any of the wait lists free me a spot or if the full sessions are duplicated at other times.

I notice the general sessions have altered again this year with timings, or at least one has, and the third session doesn’t overlap with the general sessions this time.  I always look forward to these sessions and what might be announced, but the last two years have not been quite as exciting as I had anticipated.  Commonly we see more re-branding of products/suites that we’ve just gotten used to whilst big products updates are announced outside of the conference.  I guess for some what is announced is great news and it largely depends on how you use the products and in what environments.

At least this year I won’t feel obliged to spend every available minute at the conference because I’m on somebody else’s budget, whilst accused of being on a jolly by jealous colleagues back in the UK!  I’m hoping to spend a bit more time in the labs as hands-on will be vital for a technical specialist contractor.  Ahhhh, life has been so much more fulfilling since the end of last year with a better work/life balance and far better working environments, despite the reduction in technology exposure.  But, I work for myself now and have the opportunity to switch environments as I see fit, so my VMworld schedule has tried to capture a broad range of tracks to keep me abreast of as much VMware technology as possible.

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